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What the hell is this site, you ask?  Well, it's not some kind of weird chucklefucker personal ad.  (That's the term for the other kind of comedy groupie).  It's a site about stand-up comedy, mostly the live stand-up scene in Los Angeles (and now New York!), but sometimes some other stuff that tickles my fancy.   

I love comedy.  And comedians.  Probably a little too much. 


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Preview uncensored Comedy Underground with Dave Attell

Comedy Underground, an uncensored stand-up showcase series, curated and hosted by Dave Attell, premiers on Comedy Central April 12th at midnight. 

If you can't wait until the 12th, check out the first full episode with Joe DeRosa, Jermaine Fowler, Big Jay Oakerson and Jeff Ross.

An Occasionally Awesome 3 For 30

Fun long sets from Kevin Christy, Nick Youssef and Jayson Thibault, plus an OCCASIONALLY AWESOME heckler.

About Comedy Groupie

I like comedy.  No, I love comedy... and comedians.  Probably a little more than I should.  What can I say, they're like funny, insecure rock stars.  

The "Comedy Groupie" name started out as a bit of a joke, because I love comics so much that I thought they should have their own groupies.  Joke's on me, turns out they do.  I'm not that kind. (BTW, the official term for comedy groupies is "chucklefucker" - pass it on)

What I am is someone whose been privileged enough to be able to watch some of the best acts in Los Angeles on a regular basis, as well as see young up-and-comers grow and change.

 "I" am Amy Hawthorne, I founded this site in 2010, I write for AmericasComedy.Com and I've worked for Sal's Comedy Hole and The Comedy Store.