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In Episode 3, I chat with Casey Balsham (@CaseyBalsham) and Danielle Stewart (@theDaniStew) live at Red Rock about comedy affirmative action, how there's no male comedy groupies, sleeping your way to the top, being included in the boys club and - as always - The Joke Thief Sting.

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Joke Thief Sting Video:


The dirty comedians we talked about:

Jason Rouse (@jasonrouse666)

Chris Neff (@horsetooth10)

Sam Tripoli (@samtripoli)


Cool girl comedians that don't threaten Danielle:

Nicole Aimee (@nicoleaimee)

Allison Sciulla (@allisonrox)


Female Comedians with buzz:

Natasha Leggero (@natashaleggero)

Whitney Cummings (@whitneycummings)

Iliza Schlesinger (@iliza)

April Macie (@aprilmacie)

Christina Pazsitzky (@ChristinaP)

Sarah Tiana (@sarahtiana)

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie

In the first episode of my brandy new podcast, I talk to Pam Walt, Stretch SHP and Eric Gruber about the struggles of starting a new comedy show in LA.  We also have a nice tangent about the evils of bringer shows.


Pamela Walt (@houseofpamcakes)

StretchSHP (@stretchSHP)

Eric Gruber (@glitch)


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