Between Montreal, Ari's assassination threats, Tommy getting canned and my totally unrelated trip to LA,  I've piled up a looong list of cool shit I've been peeping.  It's the Friday before a long weekend, so you weren't going to do any work anyway.  Enjoy!

Women Aren't Funny

Bonnie McFarlane gathered all her funny friends together to give their takes on the old "Women Aren't Funny" cliche.  The results are hilarious, sometimes surprising and always funny.  You can get it now on iTunes.

The Goddam Comedy Jam

Josh Adam Meyers tackles another old cliche - "All rock stars want to be comedians and all comedians want to be rock stars" by combining the two into one big, fun, funny party. Check out The Goddam Comedy Jam for upcoming dates.

Room Share

I'm pretty sure Francisco Ramos just wrote this so he could make out with a girl

Legion of Skanks Sing Grease

Jay Oakerson and Luis J Gomez made their off-broadway debut in Ha! The Musical last month and as a little taste of their vocal skills, they sang this timeless duet.

Lance Cantstopolis Drops Some Science Knowledge

If you aren't already family with Fahim Anwar's "friend" Lance Cantstopolis, this clip from Stand Up On The Spot in LA is a great introduction.

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