The Sam & Joe Show has become something that actually makes me look forward to Sunday nights.  I'm sad when I miss it, even for something awesome.  It's such a great show for so many reasons.

The first and second are Sam Morril and Joe Machi.  They are each wonderful, both onstage and off, with very different styles. And their squabbling brother dynamic is hilarious.  Each week, one hosts and the other bites the check spot (lately, it's been mostly Joe hosting) and they do a mix of Greatest Hits and new shit.

The third reason is the lineups.  Holy cow, have you seen these lineups?  It's a Who's Who of rising NYC comedy stars - Gary Vider, Joe List, Jono Zalay, Jenny Zigrino, Michelle Wolf, sorry everyone else I didn't name but you know I love you and I have to stop somewhere.  There's rarely a dud and when they bring in some of the older guys, it's vets who know how to put on a show, not embittered has-beens sill trotting out the same material from 1998.

The crowds can go either way.  Since it's Sunday, it's mostly folks on vacation (who don't have to work in the morning) or who are DGAF drunk on a Sunday, so it can go anywhere from perplexed at American idioms and references to yelling "I'm from Jersey and I spent all day sucking dicks!" Though it mostly lands in the safe "We're enjoying this" zone. And the show ends promptly by 11, so you shouldn't be scared to join them on a "school night."

The Sam & Joe Show is every Sunday night at Caroline's on Brodway at 9:30 pm (tix)

AuthorAmy Hawthorne