We all know this site is my baby.  It's my little playground where I can do whatever the fuck I want.  But sometimes, you gotta work for The Man.  And by The Man, I mean some really awesome comedy websites & podcasts like AmericasComedy.com and The Interrobang.

So, in case you missed them, here are some interviews and pieces I did recently, plus a fun podcast appearance!

Andy Sandford - Beards, Bummers and Booze (Interview) - Andy's a very funny NYC comic (originally from Atlanta) who just released his first album Me The Whole Time



Why Dan St Germain is so Bad at The Good Times (Interview) - Dan's another hilarious (and bearded) NYC comic who also just put out his first album.


Sam Tripoli (Interview) - Don't worry, LA, I haven't forgotten about you!  Sam is a great LA rock n roller comedian, who was my first ever comedy crush back in '10 (And I don't mean in the make-out way, I mean I fell in love with his comedy)


Out of the Tarpit: The Rebirth of the LA Comedy Club Scene - The first in a series I'll be writing for The Interrobang, finally putting all the LA Comedy inside baseball knowledge I've amassed this last 5 years to good use!


Legion of Skanks Podcast:  Drink some water dick mouth! -  One of my favorite NYC podcasts with Big Jay Oakerson, Luis J Gomez and Dave Smith.  You should check out all the episodes, but especially this one where I think I was supposed to be talking about slutty hot weather dressing, but we just ended up talking about who I may have slept with and who I may have killed.


Let’s Talk About Sex – Guys We Fucked Podcast (Review) - Another of my new favorite podcasts is Guys We Fucked a sexy time fun podcast hosted by Corinne Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson.

AuthorAmy Hawthorne