Oh man, Chelsea Handler has had her guns blazing lately! I don't know if she's piping up to promote her upcoming tour or someone told her "okay, go ahead and speak your mind again" but it's fun.

I miss Roast Battle, guys. And I knew this week's Joe Dosch v Nate Hurd battle was going to be a great one. They are both smart and quick-witted and don't have any of that "I want everyone to think I'm a nice guy" thing that can hold back other great writers. I'm told we're only going to get one clip from each show online now (You get big and you forget the little people, that's fine), so here's your joke of the night. Though it should be obvious from the joke, it might help you to know going in that Joe is gay and Nate is not. Enjoy.

And I'll finish with two clips from The Pete Holmes Show. One's from before this past week, but I missed it in the move.  new Material Seinfeld.  Of course.

I'm also throwing in this recent monologue because I like how much more comfortable and Pete-y Pete seems now.

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