Okay, it's almost the Most Listiest Time of The Year, so let's check in again with the guys I told you to crush on last year and the year before before I drop a whole new list on you...

Fahim Anwar - The raison d'être for the whole list silliness in the first place! Even as he's gotten more and more buzz, including a new gig on Guy Code season 5 and appearances on Carson Daly and Seth Meyers, I STILL think he's one of the most underrated talents in the business. On the other hand, I got to catch up with Fahim for the first time since I moved last month and watch his set and I'm almost okay with him flying under the radar so long because he's gonna be that much better when everyone finally jumps on the bandwagon.

Byron Bowers will join Fahim on Guy Code Season 5 and has made numerous late night appearances, himself, including my favorite now-defunct Pete Holmes Show. He's been across the country and back, including the Bridgetown Comedy Festival and the Maui Comedy Festival (lucky!!), and he's making more trouble with Eric Andre and Hannibal Buress on The Eric Andre Show.

Kevin Christy continues his recurring role on Masters of Sex and appeared on a couple of episodes of IFC's Maron.  Keeps being funny, keeps making badass art and there's finally high quality clips of his stand-up online thanks to House Party!

Kevin's Occasionally Awesome cohost Nick Youssef  FINALLY RELEASED AN ALBUM! Stop Not Owning This is available all over the place wherever you buy or stream music and will soon be available on vinyl courtesy of Jonah Ray's new label.  Of course Youssef put his album on vinyl, fucking hipster.

Brent Morin and Ron Funches HOLY FUCKING COW BRENT CAN ACT!!!!! LIKE REEEEAALLLY GOOD. If you haven't given Undatebale a shot because it looks to bro-y or you don't like the gimmicky concept, do yourself a favor and try again with some late season episodes when it gelled into a great ensemble show you'd expect from Bill Lawrence.  Brent's also done a bunch of guest roles on other shows and Ron is the official King of The Internet.

Yassir Lester was the funny one of MTV's Snack Off, appeared on Key & Peele, wrote a Black Dynamite comic book, toured with Chelsea Peretti, gets @-reply tweets from all the comedy cool kids and has the most Google hits on this site for people asking google "Is so-and-so gay?".  (Sorry fellas, he likes the ladies)

If you haven't developed a crush on Jerrod Carmichael this year, then you've been living under a rock.  Stealing scenes in Neighbors then put out his first hour special, which was a) DIRECTED BY SPIKE LEE and b) The first ever comedy special filmed at The Comedy Store.

Jesuuuuuuus Trejo could be seen across the country and on your TVs even more this year with continuing appearances on Sullivan & Son and Adam Devine's House Party.

Tony Hinchcliffe continues to be the Roastmaster General's top sergeant  while amassing quite a strong following of his own from taking #KILLTONY on the road and appearing at both Iron Sheik Roasts and The Roast of Ron Jeremy .

Kyle Ray has been all over the country and all around southern California this year, and he was featured in this sketch with Steve Trevino that was aired on that show none of us like because it exploits comedians for no pay, but hey, it's a sketch that's on YouTube for free already so it actually is some pretty cool exposure.

Stuart Thompson is also out and about telling jokes all over the US of A, including regularly hosting Monday Night Potluck and The Not So paid regular Show at The Comedy Store. And he can be seen on the spy-soccer-themed show Matador

AuthorAmy Hawthorne