First up, we have "Commuters" on WhatTheFunny.  WhatTheFunny is Marlon Wayan's new video network that's aiming to be a FunnyOrDie style portal for high quality comedy sketches. "Commuter" just happens to be from two of my favorite people - Rell Battle & Luke Curry.  Check it out.

This ad for Pygmy Hippo Shoppe (yes, it's a real store in LA) is absolutely charming and was done by Jon Shefsky featuring a number of young LA comedians - Jade Catta-Pretta, Brian Moses, Jeff Amaral and Chase Bernstein.

And Ari's back!! Ari Shaffir is back in LA for a few months and kicked it off as a guest on Getting Doug With High.  Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

AuthorAmy Hawthorne
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