Expanding on last year's list of 13 LA Comedians to Follow in 2013, this year's list has one more comedian and has gone bi-coastal. Basically, these are the folks whose tweets I fave on a daily basis and will make your Twitter Feed a much funnier place. So, here you go, in no particular order...

1. Josh Gondelman - This NYC-based comedian with Boston roots basically has no shitty tweets.  All winners, every time.  Aaaaand, I'm going to sneak in an unofficial fifteenth since he's co-writer of Modern Seinfeld.

2. OpenMicComic  I think I've figured out who runs this anonymous account that snarkily boils down the hacky premises, bitterness and delusion of life as an open miker, but I haven't even asked for confirmation because it's so much better to think of it as everyone's shitty open mic experience.

3. Yassir Lester -  Yassir's Twitter bio could just read RIDICULOUS IGNORANT SHIT and it'd be right.  The fact that Yassir's a smart, funny, self-deprecating comedian adds an extra level of enjoyment.  Just be forewarned, he tweets in bursts of dozens, but if someone's gonna clog up your feed, Yassir's worth it.

4. Tony Hinchcliffe - I get all my news about dead celebrities thanks to Tony's (not) too-soon roast tweets about them.

5. Sandy Danto - Despair and snappy one-liners from the most huggable man in comedy.

6. Melissa Villasenor - A charming mix of silly jokes, fun Vines, art and delightful emotional vulnerability.

7. Kirk Fox Kills it.  That is all.

8. Lance Cantstopolis - Fahim Anwar's terrible macho lame alter ego has his own Twitter account!

9. Mike Lawrence - "I look like the internet come to life" There's a reason Mike's a repeat standout on @midnight, his Twitter is awesome. As I tend to like, there's a good dose of hilarious bitterness and despair running through it and he also has running hatred for various pop cultural artifacts like Low Winter Sun and American Hustle.

10. Sean O'Connor Adorable, sometimes sad, often very absurd.  Always a pleasure.

11. Sarah Tiana - You like hot chicks who actually  know and love sports?  Then Tiana's the gal for you.  I picked a non-sports tweet below because I don't know anything about sports.

12. Joseph P Larkin - I like to let other people do the hating I don't have in my own heart, so that's about a quarter of what you get with the JPL twitter experience.  There's also random non-sequitors, thinly veiled subtweets about other comedians and live tweets of strange drug trips.  Oh, and sadness.  Lots and lots of sadness.

13. Marcella Arguello - Marcella's shit is hilarious and I'm not even gonna try to describe it because she'll just have a way better sassy retort, anyway.

14. Pete Cornacchione - Pete has been one of my favorite tweeters for years now and he's finally actually doing stand-up so I can put him on this list. Sharp, well-written, often potentially offensive jokes all day, every day.

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