As is often the case, an unexpected moment of chaos-magic happened during Potluck last night at The Comedy Store. It was a slow, Monday, with about two dozen not-very-warm audience members.  And one responsive one.  A very responsive one.  So host Willie Hunter seized the moment and gave this fellow (whose name we learned was Ryan) one minute to get onstage and say whatever it was he needed to get out.  What followed (which I've paraphrased below, sorry, no video) was a drunken, non-linear ramble that was probably a more accurate and coherent assessment of standup comedy than any website, book, blog or podcast has ever managed to present.

This so scary man, so scary.  I mean, you guys get up here and want to make us laugh and we all came to see something funny and some of you are funny and some of you aren't. And you get up and you say your things that I guess you wrote down and they're like "white people are like this, black people are like that unnn" or whatever.  And none of us laugh because whatever, we've read David Foster Wallace and think we know what's funny. So no one laughs but me, so you just all talk to me.  And I'm here with my mom, so you're all like "unnh ha ha Oedipus" but it's scary, man.

AuthorAmy Hawthorne