I realized when I was pulling this list together, it was pretty navel-gazey about comedy, but so be it.

First up, "How'd You Get That Show?" - a song and dance number from New York Comedians Jason Saenz and Jake Young about the jealousy and bitterness basically every comedian everywhere is always feeling.

Then you've got "I Don't Belong Here" - Bob Hansen's documentary about moving from San Diego to New York to pursue comedy. This is the trailer but the full 35-minute short is available, too.

Finally, I really loved this blog post from Brandie Posey, taking stock of 2013.  It should feel familiar to anyone doing comedy or pursuing an uncertain artistic endeavor.  And I mean "should" in both senses.  It's the perfect mix of ups & downs and gratitude and progress, the kind of attitude that usually helps people succeed and keeps them from losing their minds along the way.

AuthorAmy Hawthorne
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