Last night, I headed out to Venice for Venice Underground at the Townhouse speakeasy.  Bronston Jones & Matt Devlin run this weekly show in the downstairs bar and it's always well-attended, though the crowd tends to get a bit rowdy. We were only able to stay for about half the show, but got to see good sets from Byron Bowers and Steve Simeone.

Steve has always been one of my favorites to watch. His bits are long story arcs, usually about memories from his childhood - watching pro wrestling with his brothers, teaching the exchange student to make prank calls, staying up past midnight with his little brother.  And they always leave you feeling better than when you started - not just the endorphins from laughing so hard, you just feel good. As a human being. My comedy cup of tea leans toward the autobiographical-confessional style that tends to highlight human weaknesses and bad decisions.  It's funny, it's relatable in your gut, but it's not exactly uplifiting. That's why I always love a good set from Steve Simeone or Pete Holmes to cleanse the palate.

Side note - Steve is recording his album at the Comedy Store in La Jolla (San Diego) on Oct 3rd and you should definitely go. La Jolla is such a great room that let's comeians really expand and show off, it'll be a phenomenal night.

And I think my adoration of Byron is already pretty well documented, so I'll just let his recent Set List set or Nerdist Channel speak for itself.

AuthorAmy Hawthorne