Christina Pazsitsky, Tony Hinchcliffe and Benji Aflalo

Christina Pazsitsky, Tony Hinchcliffe and Benji Aflalo

 Last night, I headed out to The Icehouse in Pasadena for the Deathsquad show & podcast. I met up with Graham Elwood and Redban before the show, to chat a little about the LA Podcast Festival coming up in Santa Monica the weekend of October 4. More to come more formally on that, but one cool theme that came up is that this year's PodFest will have a more interactive element to it.

I was meeting with Graham to talk about the Squarespace Podcast Lab - a new feature of the festival this year that will give attendees the opportunity to interview PodFest podcasters and their guests for their own podcasts. I'm a big fan of this idea because my favorite podcasts tend to organically grow a community around them and that community is not just made up of passive listeners, but people who contribute everything from awesome photoshops and GIFs to T-shirt designs, posters and more. The Crab Feast, Schmoes Know, Punchdrunk and of course Deathsquad are all prime examples of this. So, it's a nice thank you back to that community to provide that opportunity.

Redban is also bringing an element of audience participation to the festival with a live #KillTony on Friday night. If you aren't already familiar with #KillTony, check out my post from Monday night's episode.  They'll be bringing along some of their favorite past open mikers, but will likely open up the floor for some attendees to try their hand at one minute of comedy gold.

Once the podcast started, I had the "pleasure" of learning about the Bristol Stool Scale, and honestly I don't know how I didn't assume we'd be talking poop with Redban and Christina Pzsitsky in the same room together.  So, like "Ew, this milk's gone bad, smell it" I figured I'd share that joy with you all.

AuthorAmy Hawthorne