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Comedy Groupie Daily 9.19.13 - Worst Advice Ever

Last night, I went for drinks at a regular bar like a regular person... and missed out on Luis CK.  TWICE.  First at Meltdown and then at The Comedy Store.  But word on the street is that he'll likely pop in on Comedy Juice tonight and then at The Comedy Store. Fingers crossed! 

I did, however, end up at The Comedy Store well after Louis was gone and ended up in a conversation with a number of comedians, including Brian Redban and Tony Hinchcliffe of #KillTony. Since the podcast is all about giving advice to young comedians to make their jokes better, I decided to turn that around and ask what the worst  comedy advice they'd ever received was.

Tony Hinchcliffe : The worst?  I'm going to have to think about that, but the best advice I ever got was from Brody Stevens - don't laugh at your own jokes.  I wasn't doing that much, myself, but then I started noticing people who do it and often use it as a crutch.  "Comedy Hack #3" is what he called it.

Redban:  "You need to be clean."  I also hate when people insist you have to keep cutting down and cutting down your stories.  When you're on the road and up there for an hour, half of the show is about the journey.  People love the extra detail.

Justin Martindale : Somebody told me, "Don't be you."  That's the worst  advice!

Willie Hunter:   When I first started, I worked at the Ha Ha Cafe and Jeff Garcia was there, and he's pretty successful.  And this other guy went up to him, "So, what do you think is funny?" and Jeff said, "Only certain things are funny and you've got to be the first person to grab it." And I was walking around with my Italia soccer shirt and I said, "Well, I think everything is funny!" and he said, "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard."

The best  advice, second hand advice, I ever heard was Eddie Murphy said "Don't take advice from anyone." And I figure if it's good enough for Eddie.. Which isn't to say you can't learn from other people, you just have to find the parts that work for you. 

Jayson Thibault: Well, that it would be cool to date another comic has gotta be up there. But I really hate when people say "There's no such thing as a bad room."  That's stupid, there are bad rooms, you just have to learn what to do when you're in one. 

If you're wondering about today's photo, we recreated the GTAV version of the Store last night. 

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