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Sept 18, 2013 - Ambush Comedy

There are a ton  of great shows on Tuesday nights, but I went to one of the worst of them. I say that lovingly because I've had a soft spot for Big Fish forever. It was my first booked spot as a performer before I had any clue what I was doing or what I had gotten myself into. 

I would not generally encourage anyone to go to this show looking to see stand-up.  Drunk heckling, fist fights, comedian meltdowns, now that's what's on tap here. 

But Big Fish is the archetypical example of "ambush comedy" (a term I think I learned from Jerrod or Angelo) . Ambush comedy is when you take a bar, coffee shop or other venue, add the kind of mid-level show that doesn't draw its own crowd, then watch the regular patrons who just happen to be there slowly want to murder the people who are talking into a microphone and completely ruining the night they were planning on having when they got there.

In a weird twist of irony, I had met up with a non-comic friend at the Redwood bar downtown before heading to Big Fish and found myself a comedy ambushee for the first time. It's exactly as annoying as it looks from onstage.

AuthorAmy Hawthorne