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Monday, Sept 17, 2013 - #KillTony at The Comedy Store with Brody Stevens

 #KillTony has quickly become a really interesting live event and a great podcast with a loyal following (go deathsquad!).  The setup is this - Tony Hinchliffe is the host and Redban acts as producer/sidekick.  They bring on one or two experienced comedians, have some conversation at the top, then draw names out of a hat to give young comedians (usually open mikers) a chance to do one minute of material and get feedback.

If you know Tony from his writing on the Comedy Central Roasts or hosting The Comedy Store Open Mic, you might expect this to be brutally hilarious and totally unhelpful.  But it's quite the opposite.  Tony, Redban and their guests are nearly always constructive in their feedback, even if that feedback is "you need to scrap 99% of that bit"

Brody was a fun guest (sorry, pic is from last week) - alternating his trademark positivity and trademark aggressiveness in a way the crowd didn't always get.  It always bothers me when people don't get Brody, but these guys are supporting really new comedians and their development, so I'll give them all the benefit of the doubt.

Oh, and let's not forget Comic Patriot. Most days, you can find Patriot posing for photos at Hollywood & Highland, or occasionally at The Improv for Kevin Smith's live podcasts.  But every Monday night, you'll find him on #KillTony, providing sound effects for folks who get blacklisted (by missing their spot), some non-comedian commentary on the bits, and some weird, weird, weird stories from his own life.


I also love #KillTony because it's a great comedy Rorschach Test. Which comedians are excited about it? act like they're above it? say it's degrading but sign up anyway? avoid it at all costs? And which comedians are honestly looking for some constructive feedback vs just trying to game some new followers from the deathsquad army?

I meant to go to The Parlor afterward because it was a really sick lineup, but never quite made it, so we'll save that for another Monday.

AuthorAmy Hawthorne