Drunk History has gone through a few incarnations online and is finally a TV series on Comedy Central.  And you know what?  The move from web short to half hour just makes me want more!

Now, I am a big fan of The History Channel, but between Swamp People, American Pickers, Pawn Stars and Clean Sweep (the reality show about janitors that I'm sure must be on their 2014 lineup), there's not much history left on The History Channel.  Why not let Drunk History pick up the slack?

I think I make some strong arguments, read on... 


1.   So Much Hitler

It's been said so many time by so many people, it's hack, but there so much Hitler  on The History Channel.  Just days and days of Nazi-related documentaries.  Even if The Drunk History Channel had the same percentage of Hitler-related content, wouldn't you rather hear a drunk celebrity discussing how Adolf & Eva liked to do some weird shit in bed?  Or how about his failures during his art school days?

2. Drunk "Mankind"

Basically, I just want to hear a bunch of different drunk comedians' takes on the intermingling of homo sapiens and neanderthals. And I want to see who gets stuck playing the Neanderthals. AND I want to hear drunk people correcting other drunk people that it's pronounced neanderTALs.. and possibly get into a fistfight.

3. Drunk At Work

With the inevitable ratings pressures and the public's hunger for watching people who actually have jobs do actual work, The Drunk History Channel will eventually have to start providing this type of programming, too.  "Drunk Ice Road Truckers" is perhaps too dangerous (and illegal), but "Drunk Telemarketers" or "Drunk Accountants" could spice up otherwise completely boring and un-glamorous career paths.

4. More Drunk History

When you get down to it, I really just want the opportunity to watch Drunk History all day, every day.  Yes, yes, I have the internet. But right now there's only so many hours of Drunk History available.   I want more!  Somebody make this happen.  Thanks!

AuthorAmy Hawthorne