Two great comedians, beloved by nerds and weirdos everywhere, will be getting their own late night shows this fall.   How do they stack up?


@Midnight is a game show based on social media, where all the contestants are comedians. I can best describe it as what would happen if The Match Game, Hollywood Squares, Best Week Ever and BuzzFeed had some kind of comedy orgy baby.  

Hardwick already has an enormous following that have powered a podcast & web series empire, his regular gig on G4 and a series of BBC America specials. Plus, the concept is basically Twitter come to life, and who doesn't like reading comedians' posts on Twitter?

The Midnight Show with Pete Holmes is more of a standard Late Night talk show format - the pilot included a monologue, video & desk segments and a chat guest.  I've heard they're rejiggering a little to fit 30 minutes and will pre-tape episodes in batches.  So it may end up feeling a little more like The Eric Andre Show meets You Made It Weird, rather than Conan:The Next Generation.  

And that may be a good thing, since Weirdos are the best and who wouldn't enjoy a Pete freed from having to blast out topical jokes and book his guests based solely on what movie is opening this weekend?


So, who's the winner?  Come on, you know I'm too Pollyanna for that kind of Deathmatch.  besides, we all have TiVos and the internet, so I'll be watching both and suggest you do the same.

AuthorAmy Hawthorne