All right, kids, 4 days of comedy and fun.  I posted daily recaps up at AmericasComedy.Com and on my Tumblr, but here's the definitive, all inclusive Comedy Groupie's Guide to Moontower Comedy Festival.  Everything gathered in one place for your reading, viewing and listening pleasure.

Day One Recap: Expect The Unexpected

Day Two Recap: Is Everyone Hungover?

Groupie's Eye View, Part I: Comedians are the best people, especially Kyle Kinane

Day Three Recap: The Power of Podcasts

Groupie's Eye View, Part II: Almost More Comedy Goodness Than I Can Handle

Groupie's Eye View, Conclusion: Final Thoughts

And a wrap-up podcast with Mike Lawrence & Pandora Radio (iTunes) (libsyn - rss/everything else)

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