Los Angeles still hasn't managed to erase my concept of "seasons" so happy first day of Spring, everyone!  Spring is traditionally a time for rebirth & renewal so..um.. yeah, I'm a little sick so I can't even come up with a stretch about how you should renew your love of my writing or something.  So, here's some of the cool things I've written recently.

I talked to Ari Shaffir about his new special Passive Aggressive, his album and his podcasts and how he's really grabbed on to the technological moment that's brought comedians so much more power to drive their careers forward. And of course, we also talked about Big Black Cock.



I talked with Erikka Innes about her new album Smells Like Nerd Spirit. We touched on a lot of the same topics (I'm kind of obsessed with pushing that idea out there, if you haven't noticed).






I got on my soapbox about what a ridiculous scam comedy classes are.  Little did I know, while I was ranting and seething, comedy veteran and road dog John Roy had started posting an Entirely Free Comedy Class on his Tumblr (here's a direct link to Week One).  I can't tell you how happy this makes my heart.  It's straight-up, no bullshit, fantastic advice and John manages to do it in such a kind and supportive voice.  It's beautiful.


Oh, and my very personal pet sopabox rant about Comedy and Feminism.  Shout out to The Comedy Bureau for putting it on the Required Reading List!

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