While you were enjoying stovepipe hats and wooden teeth or whatever it is you're supposed to do for President's Day, there was some cool comedy shit going down in the Groupiehood. So in case you missed it:

Bonnie McFarlane has a new documentary out called "Women Aren't Funny."  She went around the country talking to guys like Dane Cook, Chris Rock, Doug Stanhope, Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes, Artie Lange and Colin Quinn about the cliche that just won't die.  She was kind enough to talk with me about it and it was such a fun conversation, I wish I could have trapped her all day.  So, check out my Bonnie McFarlane interview, talking sexism, making the film and being married to Rich Vos.



Tonight The Jeselnik Offensive premiers on Comedy Central.  You should definitely check it out, it's going to be a great show.  How do I know?  I went to the taping! And I wrote up a spoiler-free preview and talked a little about the experience of getting to be in the audience, plus there's a link to free tickets if you want to get the chance to go too!


And of course, Comedy Picks of the Week!



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