So, way back in December a little brou ha ha erupted in New York over Kurt Metzger's very public calling-out of UCBeast's practice of not compensation performers.  This roiled around New York for a while and finally erupted on the Left Coast following Chris Gethard's Tumblr post defense of UCBeast. So, I threw my two cents in on the situation on the larger issue of comedian compensation.  Then UCBeast resolved the issue by just canceling all weekend stand-up shows, so I wrote out some more thoughts on the current economic realities of stand-up.  So, that's the full story all in one place.

In happier news, I had an awesome silly chat with Mark Ellis about his new album Get To The Castle.






And Yes!  Positivity!  It was a little while back, but here's an interview I did with Brody Stevens, who will be filming his The Half Hour for Comedy Central at the end of this month!






Finally, remember Liz Miele who I interviewed before filming her album along with Carmen Lynch?  Well, she's got a great new project, a web series called Damaged about teenaged robots trying to fit into normal high school.  They have a Kickstarter you can contribute to, or at least check out this video promo.

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