You can't be everywhere at once, so here's a quick rundown of some awesome stuff you might have missed, so you can un-miss it.

Don't Encourage People To Date Comedians!

For some inane reason, eHarmony put up a list of "15 Reasons to Date a Comedian" that was clearly written by someone who has Never. Met. a Comedian.

Luckily, Nick Youssef made quick work of the list's stupidity with TESTIMONIALS FROM E-HARMONY'S 15 REASONS TO DATE A COMEDIAN

Pete Holmes & Joe DeRosa brought back my favorite (now) recurring Pete Holmes Show character, New Material Seinfeld

While promoting his Comedy Central Special "White Male, Black Comic" (Premiers tonight at midnight), Chris D'Elia had some trouble with a particular interview.

PS I'm sure if you watched it, you caught on to the joke.  FYI, the "interviewer" is the hilarious stand-up and sketch comedian Fahim Anwar.

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