While everyone was busy enjoying the ultimately fictional Diane in 7A livetweet and the prank that took on a life of its own Pace Picante #BringBackMiles saga (and, let's be honest, they're just as much fun as if they were real, lighten up, it's the internet & these are entertainment professionals), Ari Shaffir received a lovely Thanksgiving/Hanukkah pseudo eviction notice from his landlord.

And while this exchange is more of a slow burn than the rapid fire frenzy of those more visible events, it contains all the juicy satisfaction every renter has ever felt getting even with passive-aggressive landlords and lame neighbors. Plus, I'm like 95% certain it's true.


He posted it online to an outpouring of support, including Ryan of DonCarlos Taco Shop (@eataburrito) in La Jolla, CA actually looking up the tenant harassment statute in New York.


And today, Ari posted his pitch perfect response.

AuthorAmy Hawthorne