Hey, who doesn't like cool shit, right?  So here's some more stuff that happened in the last 7 days that is hella awesome and I'm 35 now and probably should stop talking like that.


Taylor Ketchum is a New York by way of LA comedian and one of my favorite scumbags. Unlike most comedians, he did the whole "decline into drug-induced hell" thing before he started getting onstage. And he spoke about his experiences with comedy and addiction with Julie Seabaugh at ChickenScratchComedy.

I can never figure out if I like Grant Lyon's "Neal on The Road" videos for the meta reason of it being a brilliant way to spend your time as a comedian on the road or because they're just so silly. But, either way, enjoy.

And some guy from Albany, Oregon saw Chris D'Elia's Comedy Central Special "White Male, Black Comic" and was very upset by Chris's catholic church jokes. This guy's outrage over Chris's really-not-at-all offensive church jokes (clip below) is so freaking ridiculous, it makes me wonder if "Bill Donohue" is actually Randy Liedtke.

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