Tuesday is a pretty random night of the week to have so many good shows to choose from, but literally every week is filled with shows you don't want to miss but have to so you don't miss the other show you don't want to miss.

Sleepaway Camp (Facebook Group) is the weekly show that inherited Tuesday nights at The Downtown Independent from Holy Fuck!  It keeps up the tradition of great lineups, great crowd and silly fun and has proved a worthy successor.

Best Fish Taco (LoudVillage.com) is an awesome bi-monthly outside the popular Los Feliz taco stand.  Even when it's LA chilly out, the place is rocking with pretty amazing comedians and LOTS of people.

Performance Anxiety (Facebook Group) is another great bi-monthly in an unconventional spot.  The Pleasure Chest in WeHo provides a fun backdrop and the inspiration for at least three jokes that are on comedians' specials and half hours. It's an intimate space (no pun intended) and a lot of fun.

Cavity Comedy (Facebook Page) is a bi-monthly at The Mint that features a good mix of up-and-comers with a sprinkling of amazing names in a cozy little room.

What's New (Podcast) is a monthly combo live show and podcast at Nerdist Theater that gives comedians an environment to work out new shit and then discuss it afterward. Live audiences get a bonus headlining set st the end of the show.

Comedy Living Room (Facebook Page) is an insanely good monthly that for real takes place at a house. It's so popular, they've had to wire up the place with live feeds to the kitchen and backyard for the spillover. In the just-over-a-year they've been running, every single lineup has been jump-for-joy great.

So, good luck figuring out what to do tonight!

AuthorAmy Hawthorne