The second annual LA Podfest kicks off tonight in Santa Monica. Even though it has the fewest podcasts and panels of the weekend, they've managed to pack some heavy hitters into just a few hours.

The weekend kicks off with a 5 pm happy hour, leading up to the first podcasts at 7. And they put one of the hardest choices of the weekend right there in the first hour.

It seems fitting that WTF with Marc Maron should kick things off, since that's the podcast that made everyone in the industry suddenly think, "Wait, this can help a career? Podcasts for everyone!"

But it's pitted against it is My Wife Hates Me with one of my great comedy heroes, Bonnie McFarlane and her husband Rich Vos. Oh, and did I mention their guest is Andy Kindler?? jesus.

At 9 pm, Keith and The Girl has a boatload of guests, including two of my favorites - Brody Stevens and Sean O'Connor. 

Then at 11, Deathsquad presents #KillTony. I've talked a lot about #KillTony here already because I love both the concept and execution.  It's basically a microcosm-metaphor for comedy development - listen to your elders, take your lumps and you'll get better and get chances.. or we'll make fun of you until you quit. Unless you're cute girl, then we'll let you be terrible all over the place for about a year before we start holding you to account.

Tickets are still available for the day or for the full weekend, and the full schedule is up at

AuthorAmy Hawthorne