Chris D'Elia on Comedy Central's Mash-Up

While watching Chris D'Elia crush a weeknight spot at The Comedy Store recently, a male comedian turned to me and said "D'Elia is like a dog whistle, only women seem to hear him."  That's a bit of an exaggeration - plenty of menfolk appreciate how funny Chris is or he wouldn't be where he is now.  But there's no denying that women tune into him right off the bat.  Here's why.

1. He's good looking

Sure, put him head to head with Ryan Gosling and Gosling's probably gonna come out ahead, but Chris is better looking than your average guy and MUCH better looking than your average comedian.  We all know better looking people get subconscious advantages, and onstage is no different.  Of course, for guys, seeing your date immediately lean a little forward and laugh harder than she does at your witty banter can be off-putting.  But the dudes secure enough to get over it are gonna have a good time.

2. That girl voice he does

Chris's girl voice - whether it's mocking a drunk girl or a sober, non-sensical girlfriend - is actually pretty harsh.  You'd think that would actually turn off women in the audience, but let's face it, girls hate other girls.  Especially the pretty, vapid ones depicted in Chris's bits. And it's unfortunately dead-on for more (even super cool) women than I care to admit most of the time. Hell, it's how I'd do a voice for some drunk asshole trying to order fast food from the backseat at a drive-through, too.  Guys, you are allowed to laugh at those bits... just not too loudly and definitely not while pounding the table and telling your date "That's just like you!"

3. All those other voices

The Germans, the British, the Gangster.. Chris has a silly over-the-top impression of each of those.  And he's obviously enjoying himself while doing them.  And that's so winning.  Guys will complain that they're somewhat inaccurate, but that's missing the point. Every girl likes a good looking guy (see #1) and loves a good looking guy who doesn't take himself too seriously to throw himself into an impression of a British guy planning a heist of "all the dalmations" or "all the light fixtures."

4. His comedy is very physical

For the same reasons those voices make you think "This guy is all right" his act-outs, including sometimes using the back curtain as a cape, let you know that this guy is here to entertain you whether you think he's cool doing it our not.  Win.

5. He's an entertainer

It's not the raw introspection of Louis or the self-deprecating shlubbiness of Patton - the kind of stuff most guys can immediately relate to.  It is a well put-together act that can succeed regardless of who he's following, how late it is or what the energy in the room was like before Chris got on stage.  And it's not all Germans who have already poisoned you and girls who think everything is random.  Some of Chris's newer bits tackle religion and homophobia with a core of truth just as honest as anyone darker or more "serious", just in a delicious candy shell.

So, obviously, I'm a huge fan of Chris D'Elia.  How about you?  Did I make a believer out of you or did I miss the reason you love him?  Have at the comments.

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie