I'm spoiled when it comes to comedy and I've been spoiled basically from the start.  Sure I've earned some of it with my hard working, honest, earnest love and support of this art form and its artists, and sure they still don't give a shit about me at UCB or Meltdown, but I definitely feel grateful for what I have and see it as an embarrassment of riches that well outstrips what I've put into it.

And then sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I forget how lucky I am and say things like

"Unh, I don't want to go all the way downtown to see Marc Maron, he'll be somewhere in walking distance within a week, I'll just wait for that."

"unnhh, I don't want to have to sit in the front or middle like a regular audience person, I have no more comedy attention span and then I'll be stuck there the whole show"

and "Oh man, Chappelle's here?  Jeff Ross and Daniel Tosh already popped in.. unnnnh, I am never going to get to go home to sleep tonight."

Don't get me wrong.  I still have everyday joys - getting a hug from Jerrod Carmichael, Tony Hinchcliffe or Brody Stevens still makes my day.  (Also Sandy Danto and Sandro Iocalano - who are currently tied in the 200 second Hugging event at the London Olympics).  I still get a real pleasure out of watching Neal Brennan or Sarah Tiana or Owen Smith's well-crafted sets.  But I'm a lot more jaded than I was 3 years ago.  At some point, I stopped having to play it cool around the super talented and very successful because it just became normal.

But then there are the unexpected gems - the folks that I don't have constant access to that bring me pure little girl shiny object joy.  I was ecstatic to be able to go to the pilot taping of Anthony Jeselnik's new late night show and I'm even more goofballed out about going to the pilot taping of Pete Holmes'.  And Friday night I got to interview Kyle Kinane for a piece I'm writing and I was so excited that I awkwardly concealed it from friends when I needed to leave an open mic to go meet him at Rob O'Reilly's Bar Lubitsch show.  I didn't want to sound like I was bragging.  Because Kyle (and Pete and Anthony and a LOT of others) still awes me.  For the record, he's a nice as can be.  He's open and accessible and a straight shooting regular kind of guy... who also just happens to be one of the funniest people working in comedy right now and one of the best storytellers out there (my favorite kind of comedy).  And he's also said some of the most profound and inspiring things about comedy on podcasts, in interviews and while chiding participants in a shitty open mic I once hosted.

So, I was all full of my Kinane gratitude and excitement, when I walked into Bar Lubitsch and got possibly the biggest, awesomest, most surpising gem that there ever could be - Louis CK.  He was just hanging out, alternately jotting things down and checking his phone.  Obviously, he was there to do some time, which he did right after Brody Stevens.  And I got to stand there in the tiny back room of a bar, watching Louis CK try out some new material. 

And, no, I'm not going to tell you about the set.  Go see him on tour with the jokes all tight and ready for you (or get lucky and catch him working out somewhere).  It was a workout set, some of the jokes were great, some needed a little tightening, some needed a lot.  Some were pretty tame, some could be seen as very offensive (by people who don't understand what a joke is).  All the premises had legs because, come on, it's Louis freaking CK.

So, anyway, this isn't just me bragging about my totally awesome Friday. Ok, mostly it is.  But I just love that comedy continues to surprise and delight me - and not just at the highest end,  I also get those butterflies when a new employee at the Comedy Store has a breakthrough potluck set or I see some new kid at a mic tell a really funny joke.  And I guess there's a lesson in there to keep being grateful and awed and the comedy gods will reward you.  I should know, I fucking got to watch Louis CK work on new material in a tiny bar on Friday!!!


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie