TJ Miller's Hangover Brunch at Cinefamily is exactly as weird and brilliant as you'd think it would be.  It's pretty much everything I like all in one single event.  There's brunch, with plentiful mimosas (and when they ran out of champagne, intrepid bartender Brendt switched to screwdriers), stand-up and old movies.  For the July edition, the main feature was The Forbidden Zone, which felt like a John Waters version of a Max Fleischer cartoon.  So fittingly, the show opened with two of Fleischer's Out of the  Inkwell shorts, with TJ riffing after each.  He then turned it over to a great host, whose real name I didn't catch because he was so committed to hosting as Forbidden Zone character Squizit Henderson.  TJ and Robert Buscemi then each did fairly short sets and we were off.  At one point, I wondered if everyone else had thought to take mushrooms before coming.  That would have been a good idea, but was totally unnecessary to have a fantastic time.

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie