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So, I’ve been pretty quiet in 2012 for a lot of reasons that all boil down to “It was really important that I take care of lots of stuff that isn’t this.”  But it’s time to end my radio silence (I can hear your cheers and tears of joy from here, thank you [yes, I can hear tears, I’m kind of awesome]) and I need your help.

I’ve decided that from Sunday June 3rd through Sat June 30th, I’m going to go to at least 3 new shows every week.  Not necessarily new in age, just new to me.  There’s a lot of great shows I’ve just never gotten around to due to scheduling conflicts (laziness).  Holy Fuck! for example.

So, that’s where you come in, send me your suggestions for shows you love (or that you produce or are performing on) that I should go check out.  Send your suggestions via Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, text, whatever and I will totally undemocratically choose the 12 winners by executive committee, though if a lot of you are excited about a show, I’ll probably get excited about it too.Also, since I’m not exactly raking in the dough here at Groupie Enterprises (thus the many months of distraction by paying work),

I’m going to give preference to shows that are free/cheap or can put me on a guest list and have no drink minimum. And ABSOLUTELY NO BRINGERS, not even kind of bringer-y like ”Oh we have 6 good comedians and then these 3 guys just to make sure the seats are full”  Besides the fact that I just think this will be fun for me, I also want to give some extra visibility to shows that are trying to fly or fail on artistic merit, since I know how tough it is to get a crowd at those.

Can’t wait to hear your suggestions! #NewShowsJune


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