You might have noticed my scarcity of posts, tweets and Facebook updates over the last month.  At least I like to think someone noticed.

There are a couple of reasons for that, but the more interesting one is that I recently started doing Marketing for The Comedy Store.  The kind folks there gave me their blessing to continue on with this, but I was concerned there'd be a conflict of interest.  After all, though I think my biases have been pretty evident all this time, I didn't want Groupie to be tainted in any way.  So, little by little, I started feeling my way around this and here's what I've come up with.

Groupie has a very different purpose from my work at the Comedy Store and I like that purpose - what started as some kind of attempted Yelp of comedy has turned into something much more interesting.  And in particular, I like being able to put out younger comedians or folks who have made their names in alt rooms and I'd like to continue to do that.  I also like having a place with only my own agenda to guide me, not ticket sales or TV credits or whatever.  So I've decided to stop doing Picks of the Week - in part because those are the ones that would most obviously seem contaminated by my other job and also because it's just time-consuming.  I will, however, tweet about good upcoming shows, so follow me if you're sad about no more Picks.

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