There are a million "Top X on Twitter" lists out there... and they're pretty much all the same.  Yes, you absolutely should be following Patton Oswalt, Rob Delaney and Megan Amram if you've had a Twitter account for more than 24 hours.  But if you've been on Twitter a while, you know there are some unsung gems flying just under the radar.  So, I've put together a list of 13 comedians who crush it onstage and online that you may not be following yet.

In no particular order:


  1. Kevin Christy (@kevingchristy) - I first saw Kevin perform at a Tweetcrawl back when he wasn't even on Twitter.  But like many late bloomers, he's now surpassed a lot of folks who've been at it before him.  If the law would allow it, I'd marry Kevin's twitter feed.
  2. Fahim Anwar (@fahimanwar) has some of the most deadpanly absurd tweets ever.. bonus is you'll also find out about some really cool music you've never heard of.
  3. Matt Goldich (@mattgoldich) - hands down, one of my favorite Twitter accounts to follow for the high hit-to-miss ratio and just the right volume per day.  You can tell he's been a comedy writer for a while from his dead-on efficient use of words.
  4. Moshe Kasher (@moshekasher) Oh, Moshe, Moshe, where to begin with my love for following Moshe on Twitter?  Some of the smartest, sharpest tweets out there, dripping with self-hatred, fake hatred of follow comedian/friends and some real hatred for good measure.
  5. Brody Stevens (@Brodyismefriend) Positive affirmations, absurd photoshops, silly puns and a peek deep inside Brody's brain await you if you follow him on Twitter.
  6. Lauren Ashley Bishop (@sbellelauren) - The perfect mix making alcoholism and loneliness hilarious, with the bonus that she loves cute dogs!  Also, author of one of my Top 3 favorite tweets ever (Nice try, things without vodka in them!) which I think she tweeted back in 2010.
  7. Nick Youssef (@nickyoussef)  The ultimate hipster is also the ultimate Twitter hipster - he gets it before you do - the rise and fall of #FF, hashtag games, Favstar and all the other stupid stuff we used to think was cool on here - you can be sure if Nick's still doing it, it's cool, and if he's stopped it's soooo over.  As is the developing theme of this list, his grasp of the funny that lies in being dead inside is dead on.
  8. Justin Martindale (@justmartindale) I hate to pigeonhole Justin as "bitchy fabulous" but, I mean, if the shoe fits... Great snark about everything pop culture and everything else.
  9. Zach Sherwin (@zachsherwin) aka MC Mr Napkins - if you like puns & wordplay, then Zach is the man for you.  That is all.
  10. Candice Thompson (@jokesByCandice)  Imagine the sassy common sense of the proverbial fat old black lady coming out of the mind & keyboard of a hot young thing and you've got Candice.
  11.  Grant Pardee (@grantpa)  Not really sure how to sum up Grant's Twitter persona, other than "I like it" - mostly smart-alecky snappy patter jokes, sometimes interrupted by some beautiful sincerity.  But mostly funny.
  12. Barbara Gray (@babsgray)  Food, sex, guys and weed - all things I like and all things Barbara makes hilariously personal feeling jokes about on a regular basis.
  13. Kyle Ray (@thekyleray) I have a kind of love-hate thing with Kyle's twitter.  I love it because his brain twists around the same weird ideas in the same weird way mine does.  I hate it because he's usually tweeting a considerably funnier version of a premise I just thought of 5 minutes ago.



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