You guys, I gotta  be honest, there's not much on the horizon this week that I'm excited about.  So here's a couple things on the radar:

Monday , February 7 - MTV Showcase at Laugh Factory - 8 pm - $20 - Hosted by the adorable Josh Macuga, MTV casting has assembled a some young talent from around the west coast for a fun night.

Wednesday, February 9 - The Mostly Normal Show at the Improv Lab - 9:30 pm - $5 - Check out this new show as it grows and evolves.  Sketch, stand-up, interviews, weird web videos, picking on Carlos, and this week the fantastic Eleanor Kerrigan.

Thursday, February 10 - Comedy Speakeasy - 8 pm - Many of my friends who are very funny, talented grinders have been on this show.  It's stand-up, video and sit-down interviews, all streamed live over the web.  It takes place in a creepy building behind Pinks, but maybe this will be the week I finally make it over.

So, yeah, usually I'm weeding through a mountain of shows trying to narrow it down to one per night, guess the groundhog scared people off or something?  If you have any tips for shows I'm not looking at, hit me up on twitter at @comedygroupie.


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie