This was one of those easy weeks that are not only jam packed, but where every night there's a real standout (or two in one case).  Like last week, I'm skipping straight to the big day - Thursday.

Thursday, March 3  We got two big shows and they work out with timing so you can catch BOTH.

Mack Lindsay's Darkest Hour - 7 pm in Belly Room at The Comedy Store (More Info).  Mack's doing a show in the intimate Belly Room that will be taped for his reel, so come out, make sure those Industry types get to hear how funny he is, and hey maybe your awesome laugh will get an agent too.  Mack is one of my favorite comedians for so many reasons.  His comedy is smart and dirty and raw and when he wants to, he can just own a crowd.  He'll be joined by two of my other favorites - that cuddly, raunchy Texan Shawn Halpin and the 14 year old Truth Demon, Tony Hinchcliffe.

Monsters of Comedy - 9 pm at Sal's Comedy Hole (More Info).  Sam Tripoli is another one of my absolute favorite comedians.  Pretty much for the same reasons - dark, dirty, owns the room.  And he's only one quarter of this amazing tour.  Ari Shaffir, Jason Rouse and Chris Neff round out this dark, dirty and hilarious night.  It's their first LA date since October, don't miss out.

Okay, now we can circle back around...

Monday, February 28 - What's Up Tiger Lily - 8 pm at Hollywood Studio Bar & Grill, FREE (More Info) Uh, Marc Maron & Jeffrey Ross, do you need more?  Well, fine, there's a bunch of other great comedians including the freaking hilarious Melissa Villasenor.

Tuesday, March 1 - Lower Crust Comedy - 9 pm at Ghengis Cohen, $6 (More Info) One of the best monthlies in town, this month it has a great lineups that includes Karl Hess and Shwan Halpin.  Yee haw.

Wednesday, March 2 - Joe Rogan & Friends - 8 pm at Sal's Comedy Hole, $15 (Reservations)  Joe Rogan is back on the LA stand-up scene on the reg and Sal's Comedy Hole is his new home.  Every Wednesday, he shares the stage with talent like Sam Tripoli, Jayson Thibault and Joey Diaz plus special guests like Doug Benson and Sarah Silverman.

Friday, March 4 - Battle of the Sexes - 9 pm at Flappers Comedy Club Burbank, $10 (Tickets) Host Ryan Leach pits the boys against the girls like it's 3rd grade recess all over again.  No matter which side you're on Julia LoVetere, Allison Sciulla, Brian Redban, Jackie Gold and Brenton Biddlecomb will keep you laughing all night.

Saturday, March 5 -  Steve Simeone, Mark Ellis and Rowdy Roddy Piper at Comedy Store La Jolla! I love Steve, I love Mark and I looove Roddy.  As if you need inducement, here's a wrap up of their show at the Improv last fall.

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie