So, everybody and their brother has a podcast (hey, me too!) and you can't listen to them all.  And I'm not going to say I did that for you, either.  I have my favorites that are usually better than not and here's my favorite episodes from those podcasts.

WTF with Marc Maron

If you like comedy and you aren't listening to this podcast on at least a semi-regular basis, correct that immediately. (I know, there's a high volume of episodes, you don't have to listen to every single one)

Episode 151: Carl LaBove: Amazing tales of time with Kinnison and his wrenching custody/paternity case. (Premium only)

Marc's Keynote at JFL:  Good lord, funny touching and so very right on

Episode 204: Doug Stanhope: Do I really need to explain?

Episode 210: Brendon Walsh: Really awesome conversation about Brendon's unconventional path into comedy

Episode 219: Norm Macdonald: Just wow

The Joe Rogan Experience

Always a good time, especially any episode with Bert Kreischer, Duncan Trussell, Al Madrigal or Joey Diaz.  Also check out:  

Episode #88: Andy Dick: Joe's former costar comes on and kind of freaks him out


The Redban family of podcasts, every one a winner.

The Teeb & The Heeb #9: Jayson Thibault and Danielle Stewart welcome guest Al Madrigal

Your Mom's House #24: Christina Pazitsky & Tom Segura welcome good friend Bert Kreischer

Naughty Show #17: Sam Tripoli & Jayson Thibault are joined by actor Ashley Hamilton

Naughty Show #15: Kyle Kinane joins the crew

Skeptic Tank #20: Ari Shaffir talks about grudges with Bobby Lee, including their longstanding one

Skeptic Tank #17: Dan Madonia, Tony Hinchcliffe & Ari talk about their Shroomfest experience

Ari Shaffir's Skeptic Tank

Ari went indie and moved his Skeptic Tank podcast to his own site.

Persistence (ep #28): Guest Steve Simeone and Ari talk about the long road to not making it in comedy.  This might be my favorite podcast of all time ever, with the possible tied episode of...

The Nuthouse (ep #37): Guest Steven Brody Stevens talks about a lot of things, including his stay in the UCLA psych ward and the Twitter meltdown that led up to it.

The Cleanup (ep #31): Tony Hinchcliffe & Mat Edgar stop by to ostensibly discuss Ari's hoarding habits.

The Jew, The Witch and the Wardrobe (ep #35): Moshe Kasher stops by and opens up about all manner of things

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes

This recent addition to the podcast pool has been consistently PHENOMENAL.  You can find all the episodes at, my favorites so far have been Neal Brennan, Moshe Kasher and TJ Miller.

Stand Ups Sit Down

My San Diego friends over at sit around and talk jokes & life (which is which?).  They're all pretty fun, a few of my favorites are:

Guest Dallas McLaughlin always adds a fun element: Ep 26 & Ep 46

And the arc from Episode 22-25 about Rajan's weird-ass love life (spoiler alert: I'm in episode 25!)

If you have any suggestions for what I missed or want to yell at me for my choices, have at it in the comments, on FB or Twitter.


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