Have a comedian or comedy lover in your life?  Well, find his or her type below and pick out the perfect gift.

(Yes, these are all just self-indulgent inside jokes from me - Enjoy!)


The Adam  He's in charge, he's stressed, he has #Regrets.

Get him a zen garden, some xanax and a Morrrisey boxed set.


The Don The name says it all, he's the godfather.  He closes out every show and hangs with the Lord Jesus Christ, tough to shop for.

Get him a new digital sound system in the OR and a late night crowd with at least a couple of good natured saucepots.

The Brody He played sports, he starred in movies, he took a vacation to the UCLA psych ward.

Some nice audiobooks for his hikes up runyon:  Fear Strikes Out: The Jim Piersall Story, The Power of Positive Thinking, Psychic Protection: Creating Positive Energies For People And Places.


The Tony  Brilliant, narcissistic, poised to take over the world.

Get him some gifts to get ready for the success that's coming his way - an executive pen set, a classy money clip or business card holder or an assistant.  Some Mayan art might be nice, too, since they're both poised to make a big splash in 2012.



The Eleanor The hottest girl who could kick your ass.

Some nice new earrings.  She's a lady.  And also she lost her other ones in a fight with a black girl.


The Nick The ultimate hipster.

Nevermind, whatever you get will be "so over" by the time he unwraps it.



The Dan - Easygoing fuck machine with a heart of gold.


If sandwiches are not available, find sandwiches.


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie