It's the show everyone loves to hate - and by "everyone" I mean  mostly people involved in entertainment and comedy, not the 4 and a half million people across the country who are tuning in each week.  And it's hard not to want to hate the show, what with the inescapable marketing campaign and the retro 3 camera, laugh-track (it's actually a studio audience) sitcom format.  I avoided watching it for a while for the same reason I snobbily refuse to buy an iPod, iPhone or Mac - I can't stand being told what I'm supposed to like.  I also just didn't really have the time - at this point, I rarely watch TV for more than 20 minutes at a time, and usually right before falling asleep.

So, when I got sick this week, I suddenly had a lot more free time on my hands.  I caught up on Archer and The League and finally had time to give Whitney a chance.  I didn't do the catch-up thing, I just jumped into it with Ep 5 (the one with guest star Ken Marino - bonus!) -  and you know what?  It really wasn't that bad, I enjoyed it and laughed out loud more than once (especially watching Chris D'Elia get to do physical humor in the fresh-from-the-dryer shrunken jeans).  I'll probably watch it again.  And though I didn't see the universally panned pilot, I'm going to have to guess that  Whitney is finding its feet and showing improvement.

Now I'm not asking you to watch and love it, but here are some arguments as to why you should give it a chance or at least stop hating it.  Oh, but keep hating the billboards.  They're awful.

This is Whitney Cummings' first sitcom I think there's some valid criticism that her acting is a little clunky - but do you remember how bad Jerry Seinfeld or Will Smith were their first season?  Give her time, I'm pretty sure Jennifer Anniston would do far worse in her first stab at stand-up.

It's Going to Evolve Entertainment Weekly makes a good point in comparing Whitney to Cougar Town.  That show also started with a trite, narrow, sexist conceit and then grew into a nice little ensemble.  And maybe it's the hoary old concept that "oh my god, men and women are different" that bought the show enough leeway to get a full season order to give itself time to grow into whatever it's going to become.  We are talking about NBC here, not FX.

Chris D'ELia is good looking That sounds like a weird one, but if you're going to be mad at the show for having the perennial schlubby guy-naggy hot wife trope, at least the schlubby guy looks like someone a gal as hot as Whitney would actually date outside of a fictional world.

Are you this annoyed by the existence of Transformers or Harry Potter? I will straight up agree that a show like Louie is more up my alley - something I'd consider more creative and artistic, but TV is broadcasting and a lot more people want to go watch Transformers than Donnie Darko.  Whitney is the summer blockbuster of the fall TV season, and that's not inherently bad.

A Rising Tide Carries All Ships More comedy on TV begets more comedy on TV.  If Whitney does well, all those unoriginal thinkers at the networks will be clamoring for more sitcoms, which means more jobs for comic writers and actors.

You're Just Jealous.  It's not a bad thing to be in the right place at the right time with the right pitch, it's hard work and a lot of luck.  

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie