As most people know, my favorite club of the Big Three is the Comedy Store, followed by the Improv, which leaves poor Laugh Factory in last place.  The two main reasons the other clubs get extra points compared to the Laugh Factory is a) the hangout community - it's hard to hang around and chat or network with the other comics at LF due to the layout and the fact that there's only a service bar b) the sort of corporate feel, which is a double edged sword - though a lot of the same great comedians you see at the other two also play at the Laugh Factory, they're more known for Guys You've Seen on TV - Tom Arnold, Kevin Nealon, Tim Allen.  I'm sure that's great for business and based on the crowds every night, it makes a lot of audience really happy, but it makes the place lack that sort of artistic, almost dangerous "something off the wall and amazing might happen at any moment" feel I so enjoy.

Which is why I'm so happy to see the new show, Dot Comedy, on the schedule.  Dot Comedy features amazing comedians who aren't necessarily in the regular rotation there.  I had the pleasure of attending the second run and consider it the best show I've seen there so far.

First of all, the host is Marc Maron.  You don't usually think of Maron in the host role, which is the first awesome thing about this show.  It's so interesting to see this amazing guy in a different role (On a cute side note, Marc kept referring to the comedians as "my next guest" as if this were WTF on stage).  The rest of the lineup last week was Eric Andre, Dom Irrera, Jen Kirkman, Brendon Walsh, Ari Shaffir and Duncan Trussell.  The show was pretty standard awesome - everyone was having a good time and getting serious laughs until Jen Kirkman took the stage.  I've never seen her before, but the best way I can describe her is a female Brody Stevens.  It was amazing.  The kind of daring stuff the audience has to work a little to get on board with that I don't generally associate with LF (even though Brody gets spots there on a regular basis).  Anyway, I was thoroughly enjoying it (and honestly, enjoying the audience's general confusion and discomfort). Then Ari went up and even managed to keep them on his side for most of the "I shit my pants in Australia" bit.  And as Marc was up transitioning to the last act - Duncan - Jen came back on stage to share a very negative tweet an audience member sent about her during the show.  

Then things got really interesting.  This riled up the crowd and got them involved and everyone pulled out their phones to look this chick up.  Jen mentioned she had onsly 9 followers and someone in the crowd yelled out "Now she only has 7!"  So when Duncan came up, of course he had to address it and some drunk girl down in front identified herself as the "tbonekitty81" in question and drunkenly slurred some unintelligible stuff.  Duncan has some amazing lines that walked the perfect line of shaming the heckler while keeping the rest of the audience on his side and then transitioned smoothly into his material.  Just amazing.  That was the moment I transitioned from "I like all the guys on this show, so I'll go see it at the Laugh Factory" to "Wow, this place does have an artistic soul and I'll definitely be back."


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie