I always love to see comedy that tries something a little different - thus I love Naughty Show, BKO and Brody Stevens so much.  I had planned to go to The Mostly Normal Show just because a few of my friends were on it and then Zane Helberg explained to me it was going to be a sort of interactive talk show with videos and I got really excited.

House "band" Max Silverstein tore up the drums & didn't need the rest of the stupid instruments, then hosts Eric Gruber and Carlos Herrera took the stage, MacBook in hand to show a Top Ten of 2010 slideshow.  It was pretty funny, though there were a couple of internet memes I was kind of "eh" about or had never seen.  Not sure whether that makes me or them the bigger dork.  

Great sets from Steph Simbari, Zane, Max, and especially Mack Lindsay & Paul Palmeri were mixed throughout the night.  Look, Mack is getting up there with Tripoli as someone I would go watch in a dumpster if that's where he was playing.  He didn't rule the room the way he does the OR, but it was pretty great nonetheless.  And Paulie crushed.  I see Paul grinding at all the same mics and shitholes I go to and boy does that work pay off.  he hit every beat and the audience was right there with him the whole way.

Carlos & Eric came back out to show Carlos' Top 5 Escorts under $500, which was way more amusing than it sounds from its name.  Carlos's commentary was priceless. Then they interviewed Rich Aronovich about his infamous knife pitch video and subsequent lawsuit.  I won't say any more about that so as not to throw flames on the fire.

There were a few technical glitches, but it was their first time out and the problems really didn't derail anything, so I'm really looking forward to the tightened up sophomore effort.  Which is Wed the 26th at the Improv Lab, btw.

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