I decided to combine two weeks because there are so many massive shows coming up next week, I want you to put them on your calendar RIGHT NOW.

Monday, Jan 17 - Melgard Mondays - FREE -  9 pm - Melgard Public House - Melrose & Gardiner - What a freaking awesome lineup for zero dollars!  TJ Miller, Brody Stevens and Sam Tripoli are just half the show.

Tuesday, Jan 18 - Big Fish - FREE - 5230 San Fernando Rd, Glendale - Okay, blatant self-promotion, my comedian alter ego will be on this show, along with a number of great young talents flexing their muscles in the face of drunk, angry hecklers.

Wednesday, Jan 19 - Comedy Meltdown - $8 - 8:30 pm - Meltdown Comics - 7522 Sunset - I have to try hard not to make Meltdown the Wed pick every week, that's how good it is.  This week features Brian Posehn & videos from Funny or Die.

Thursday, Jan 20 - Theo Von - $12 - 8 pm - Brea Improv - Not only is he adorable, but he's VERY funny.  Catch this hot young star now.

Friday, Jan 21 - Eddie Griffin  - $30 - 8 & 10 pm - Brea Improv - Brea keeps bringing in some amazing national talent, Griffin starts his weekend at the Improv on Friday.

Saturday, Jan 22 - The Comedy Store - When in doubt, always fall back on the Store for a Saturday full of fun and laughter.  Two showrooms are packed with amazing comedians, plus the all new Dean Cuisine, featuring "delicious chicken", pizza and milk & cookies.

Sunday Jan 23 - Red Rock - $5 - 9 pm - 8782 Sunset - Will it be an amzing crazy party or a total shitshow?  Guessing is almost half the fun.  Great names from around town overcome the horrible music seeping up from the bar down below to rock an intimate crowd.

Monday Jan 24 - Potluck - FREE - 7 pm - The Comedy Store - open mikers, fledgling comics, Paid Regulars and famous pop-ins like Dave Attell & Bill Burr make this a really fun evening.

Tuesday - Jan 25 - Walsh Brothers Show - $5 - 11 pm - UCB Theater - 5919 Franklin - The Walsh Brothers show is fun, innovative and most importantly hiLARious.  Special guest this month is Dave Foley!!

Wednesday, Jan 26 -  The Mostly Normal Show - $5 - 8:30 pm - Improv Lab - Eric Gruber & Carlos Herrera just launched this talk show/multimedia standup show in the Lab last week.  The first outing was pretty phenomenal and the sophomore effort should prove even better.

Thursday, Jan 27 - The Naughty Show - $14 - 10 pm - The Hollywood Improv - This is a must-see show for me every month - pole dancers, porn stars, standup, sketches, interviews and awesome videos are all part of the mix.  It's nearly impossible to describe if you haven't been (though I try), so go experience for yourself!


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie