All right, you've probably already broken your Resolutions, so why not get out and laugh so you can forget your shame?

Tuesday: Stand up Khaamody at the Spotlight Comedy Club - 7:30 pm - 12215 Ventura Blvd, Studio City.  Shawn Halpin's pulled together a fun lineup featuring John Clark, Taylor Ketchum and headliner Big Earl Skakel.

Wednesday: Dave Attell Headlines Comedy Juice at the Improv - 10 pm - See, you didn't have to drive all the way to Irvine, after all.

Thursday: Chris Hardwick headlines Holy Fuck - 9 pm - 251 S. Main St - Not only Mr Nerdist himself, but other hilarious comics including my faves from Boston, The Walsh Brothers.

Friday: Jim Jeffries at the Brea Improv - 8pm & 10 pm - Some people think foul-mouthed and dirty-minded comedians are somehow dumber or less skilled than squeaky clean ones.  In my experience, the good ones are twice as smart and make you laugh twice as hard as those sissy boys.  And Jim Jeffries is one of the good ones.

Saturday: The Comedy Store - Take your pick from the showroom style Main Room or the dark workshop at the heart of the Store - the Original Room.  Both feature a jam-packed lineup of back-to-back national headliners for your amusement.

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie