Any time you see Bill Burr headlining and still end up talking about how amazing any of the other comics are is a good night for comedy.  Ari Shaffir produces a monthly storyteller series at the Improv Lab, where comics are encouraged to tell long-form stories, all on a single subject.  This was my second time seeing it and the theme was stories from the road.

Of course, Bill Burr was great, with a story about a near miss hostel hate fuck that turned into a terrible relationship.  But there were some stellar performances by the other folks, too.  Bert Kreischer took the bullet and had such a good time with the story about one night with a lunatic comic at the Boston Comedy Club in NY that it was pretty much unfair to have to follow him.  Then, Jim Jeffries had not one, but two utterly ridiculous road stories that he told with such flair, he probably could have had us just as much in stitches if he were reciting War and Peace.  The interesting thing is that both guys mentioned they had never told these stories on stage before, which might be why they had so much life in them.  And that's the beauty of This Is Not Happening.  You take guys a little out of their usual form or subject matter and you end up with something pretty amazing.

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie