So, let's start with a little backstory here, because before I like to talk about comedy, I like to talk about myself.  Strip clubs make me sad.  I always want to like them, I'm not against them in a moral or feminist sense, it just always happens that I get there and the girl my friend picks to give me a lap dance barely speaks english, is grinding her teeth and popping her jaw like crazy, and smells like she hasn't showered since her last trip to the champagne room.  Sad.  But I do like Sam Tripoli.  I have often said he's so great to watch on stage that if he were doing a show in a garbage dump, I'd still go see it.  I also like birthdays and think it's important to show people love on their special day, so that was more than enough motivation to get me out to Half-Priced Debauchery at Cheetahs for Jayson Thibault's birthday last night.

Half Priced Debauchery - Jayson's Birthday

And you know what, it was a lot of fun.  You might think the room would turn hostile for interrupting the dancing girls for an hour of dudes telling dick jokes, but they were surprisingly into it.  Admittedly, at least half the room was there because of the comedy show, but still.  When Sam did his set as host, only about half the place seemed to be either paying attention or getting it - not sure which - but over the course of Jayson, Ari Shaffir and Kyle Kinane's sets the room got into it.  


Overall it was a really fun room to watch some comedy in.  It's cool to see the guys doing their thing on the stripper runway with the old-school microphone.  And really, isn't it fitting I got to watch guys tell jokes from Pervert's Row? I'll definitely be back next month.  Plus, they have cheap drink specials (if you can ever get the slowest bartender on earth's attention) and half priced lap dances afterward.  What's not to like?

Half Priced Debauchery - Jayson's Birthday

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