You guys all already know what a comedy nerd I am, but did you know I'm also a nerd nerd? Yep, I'm the kind of nerd that has articles in my RSS Reader about things like what's the best Android phone and how to use fun, new Facebook features. Wait, let's back up, I use an RSS Reader, that's nerdy enough right there.

I'm also the kind of nerd that appreciates good use of Facebook etiquette and style practices, and if it's comedy related (for example The Comedy Store has serious social media kung fu) even better.

But I've noticed recently that some comics are probably not getting the most out of Facebook, so I put together a bunch of tips I think y'all could benefit from.  It's technical, not philosophical - I have no good advice on whether you should mix posts as your persona with regular "Eating a chicken sandwich" stuff and I'm not going to touch the question of whether you should stop sending messages to my Inbox about your show because I RSVP-ed Maybe or didn't yet RSVP Not Attending.

1. Change your Fan Page Wall Settings

I can't remember if this is the default or if people just choose it because they don't want a bunch of random self-promoting/unrelated posts to show up on their Facebook Fan Page, but it's really worth the hassle to switch the setting over to default to "Page and Fans"

Your Fans like you and want a little piece of you, so if their Shout out of "Great set last night!" or tagged Post "Just saw Bryan Callen do a fantastic 45 minutes set!" shows up on your wall for all the other fans to see, they'll get that warm fuzzy feeling. And it will probably invite more comments and praise from other fans, which makes you look good.

This is also important for cross-promotion between venues and comics. If you are doing a show at my venue and I tag you, I want YOUR fans to see it too.

Here's how to change that setting:

1. Go to your Fan Page and select Edit Page

2. Change the Default View to "All Posts"

2. Use the "@" Tag to cross-post and cross promote

"I'm going to be telling jokes at [insert address here] tonight at 10 pm" is perfectly fine, but if you post it with a link to the Venues and/or Event Invitation, people can click through and get all the details, plus - again - good cross promotion.

Plain Text Post

Post with @-tags to event pages

This is one of the newer features Facdebook added to be more like Twitter, so a lot of people don't know it's there or how to do it. All you need to do is type the '@' symbol and then start typing the first few letters of the person, Fan Page or event title, Facebook will help auto-complete the rest and then format it as a nice little link.

3. Don't put the URL in the body of your message

Okay, this is just my anal pet peeve, please stop doing this. It makes me not want to read your post because it hurts my eyes. Use the little link button, that's what it's there for.

Yeah, I know Facebook is clever and grabs the URL and makes a pretty link, but

This hurts my eyes

The Link Button is your friend

4. Stop changing the name of your event!

Holy cow, nothing is more annoying then getting a dozen notifications that are just someone dicking around with the title of an event. If you've got more information to add, post an update, don't change the freaking title.

Sorry Jimmy, you said I could cal you out!

5. Keep your Event & Fan Page titles short and sweet

Don't name your event "This Comic and That Comic and Another one who are awesome will be at my Room at Location" That makes it really hard for someone else to help cross-promote with the @-tag. A status update has a character limit and if you use up all of it with your event title, there's no room to add text about why I'm so excited to go to your event. Same thing with your Fan Page or Account name - You may actually be amazing, talented and fucking genius, but don't name your pacge "The Amazing Talented Fucking Genius My Name Here"

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