Holy motherfucker, was that one HELL of a show. Sal said everything was right with the Hole now that I'm back in town and he was not kidding. I wish I could take some of the credit for the awesomeness that was Wide Open Comedy this week, but it really was the great talent let loose in the fantastic environment of the club.


Jerrod Carmichael

Host Jimmy Talarico opened the show and brought up the newly crowned It Boy Jerrod Carmichael. Jerrod had a great set, there's good reason he's the newest Paid Regular at the Comedy Store. Next up was Steven Randolph, who continues to wow me and every audience who sees him by finding humor while laying his soul bare. I got to see Tom Segura for the first time and was really impressed. I can't wait to see him again. Good showings from Traci Stumpf, Dodd and Joe Bartnick as well. And by the time Taylor Ketchum got up, the mouthy chick in the audience had just gotten drunk enough to need a beat down. Taylor tried to go easy on her while diffusing it and getting back to what was a really good set, but finally gave her the smack down she'd earned as he was finishing up, receiving a rousing round of applause from the entire rest of the audience.

Tom Segura

And then Sal bought the whole place a round of drinks and it just turned into a crazy circus of surprise guests - Chris Neff, Bryan Ross, Timmy Ianello and Josh Adams Meyers. I gotta give special props to Bryan. He literally had the whole front row at rapt attention during his set. Oh yeah and Jimmy got teabagged and P-bagged. And then the heckler tried to argue why she was in the right to heckle. And then Josh Adam Meyers did a little air guitar dance because he's the Kip Winger of comedy.


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