This week is a GREAT one for comedy!

Monday, November 8 Eddie Izzard will be performing at a charity event at The World Famous Comedy Store. 8 pm.  $50.  Need I say more?

Tuesday, November 9 Ok, blatant self-promotion.  Come see me at Big Fish in Glendale.  Sometimes Brody Stevens stops in.

Wednesday, November 10 Music Jam at Laugh Factory, hosted by Josh Macuga of Casual Mafia.  The inaugural event was a ton of fun, this promises to be good times too. 

Thursday, November 11 Naughty 16! at the Hollywood Improv.  Do I even have to tell you why Naughty is one of the best shows around?  Ok, porn stars, videos, sketches, pole dancing Steve Rannazzisi and Sam Tripoli! Going to be amazing, Cat bandanas!

Friday & Saturday - I'm hitting the road to La Jolla to catch Leslie Jones at the Comedy Store, with Mark Ellis and Erik Marino.

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie