Haloween is my second favorite holiday (my birthday is #1), so if I can get the Halloween peanut butter in my Comedy choclate, that's just plain rad.  Luckily, a lot of folks feel the same way, so here's a short list of Halloween-related comedy shows or comedy-related Holloween shows?  Either way, there will be costumes, laughs and hopefully some Reese's.


The Comedy Store has been celebrating since last Friday, with Haunted Midnights at the Comedy Store - There's no stand-up, lots of laughs to go with the chills. Host Skitzo (aka Jeff Scott) leads the audience through tales of the spirits that once and still roam the halls of the venerable building at 8433 Sunset.  There are three more shows - tonight (Oct 15th), Oct 22 and Oct 29th.  



Here's a taste of what's in store for you:



AND on Friday, Oct 22nd, Haunted Midnights will be the last stop on the sure-to-be-biblical Tweetcrawl V, which includes stops all up and down the Strip for music, food, drinks and awesome prizes.


Comedy Store La Jolla is busting out the costumes and the holiday spirit On Thu the 28th with The best of San Diego's Halloween Show, featuring Gordown Downs, Vicki Barbolak and Dan Madonia 


Also on Thursday the 28th is Casual Mafia's The Greatest Halloween Standup Show Since Jason Killed That Camp, featuring Casul Mafia & Friends, including some of my favorites - Josh Macuga, Jerrod Carmichael, Jade Catta-Preta and Ben Begley


Finally on Saturday the 30th, Blouzefest will be bringing their crazy blend of interactive music and comedy to the Hollywood Improv for Blouze-o-ween 


Time to go costume shopping!
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