So, we're gonna turn our house into a comedy club once a month, what do you say, guys?  The first time I went to Comedy Living Room, Jerrod Carmichael popped in and joked "This isn't underground anymore!  You guys are gonna be too big for me soon!"  Jerrod's silly modesty aside, Comedy Living Room is a surprisingly professional type show for being at a house.  The stage and main seating are in the Living Room, with live feeds to TVs in the kitchen and back patio so more people can enjoy.  The booking is pretty stellar, recent performers include Pete Holmes, Kyle Kinane, James Adomian and Brody Stevens and there's little-to-no filler in the lineup.

The crowd skews young (I mean, we're sitting on folding chairs in someone's living room here) and very comedy literate.  Depending on how cool your mom is, this may not be the place to bring her when she's in town, but it's a great choice for a fun night with friends.

Located near Cherokee & Melrose in Hollwood - follow @comedylivinroom for dates and info.

AuthorThe Comedy Groupie