Sam Tripoli serves as ringmaster for this variety show straight from Sodom & Gomorrah.

The evening always begins with a jaw-dropping pole dance from some of the best in the business.  Special guests like Doug Benson, Steve Rannazzisi, Margaret Cho, Freddy Lockhart and Nick Swardson rock the crowd with kick-ass comedy while the regular troupe of Naughty performers (including Jayson Thibault, Danielle Stewart, Skippy Simon, Nader, Tony Hinchcliffe and Esther Povitzky) tie the night together with sketches and videos featuring brilliantly entertaining characters like Bunny Fever, Shawarma the Ass Eating Persian and Sticky Fingers Gonzales.  Portstars and Penthouse pets grace the stage for often good-naturedly hilarious interviews as they receive the Golden Schlong Award or get inducted into the Naughty Hall of Fame.  Monthly at the Hollywood Improv and if you can't make it or just need to scratch the Naughty itch in between, check out the YouTube Channel.


AuthorThe Comedy Groupie